About us

We specialize in the development and production of dental furniture and medical cabinetry in the Czech republic. Dental Division develops and manufactures furniture for dentists and laboratory furniture for dental technicians.  We continuously work on the development of dental furniture, consult our ideas with dental doctors, and we also welcome any feedback, so we can offer dental furniture meeting your expectations regarding ergonomics, functionality, and also design.  We try to apply industrial design in practice, and transfer it into your surgery or office.

As additional assortment, we produce kitchen countertops and other household furniture.  In our showroom, we present our furniture assortment in its complete range, and we also process projects there.  The times when a pencil and paper were enough for project planning are gone for good.  We live in times of modern technology, and that's why we use software for creating 3D models of future doctor's offices.  However, the best result is reached when the doctor turns to us right at the beginning.  All we need is just a drawing of future premises.  On the basis of these background materials, we will elaborate a study containing simulated visualization, which will be discussed with the client then.  In our work, we try to take into account needs of our customer and combine them into one ergonomic unit, which will fit its future users completely.  For builders, we also design location of utilities (water, waste, electroinstallation, air), so that it is in harmony with the furniture installed later. Before the production itself, it is necessary to measure the interior again and to check the location of utilities.  If everything is all right, we cannot be surprised during the assembly and the result is absolutely perfect.  We cooperate with companies that supply, and mount, technological units, and we carry out planning of future doctor's offices and laboratories together and at the same time. We ship our furniture worldwide.



The founder of the company Klier nábytek, Mr. Miloš Klier, represents third generation of carpenters in the Klier family.  Grandfather of Mr. Miloš Klier founded a woodworking company in Zbůch near Pilsen in 1933.  His first contract was to equip a drugstore in Líně near Pilsen.  Thanks to his family's smart saving skills and his own diligence, he built a two-story woodworking shop with the area of 160 m2.  Full expansion of the company began in 1935, when he was employing 4 - 6 workers and one apprentice.  After the end of WW2, he was marked by the communist regime to be an exploiter, with all the consequences.  In the years 1949-1950,  with a bunch of tradesmen, they founded West Bohemian Woodworking Cooperative, where each member made his workshop available, and started their own business under the banner of ZTD.  Establishment and joining the cooperative was the sole option how to run business under the communist regime.  In 1953,  the currency reform came and arresting State Security StB began.  West Bohemian Woodworking Cooperative was closed down and the machines were sealed.  Mr. Klier's father could not dedicate himself to entrepreneurship in the times of communism, as a son of the exploiter, he could not be even trained in woodworking or carpentry craft.  He worked in his father's workshop, where he learnt the craft.  After one year, the training institution offered him to become an apprentice, and he accepted the challenge.  After successful training and short practice, he was taken to woodworking industrial school, and after the graduation, he became a teacher of specialized subjects at Woodworking Vocational School in Kynšperk nad Ohří.  The company Klier nábytek was founded in 1993 in Jindřichův Hradec, a couple of years after the fall of the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe, when it was already possible to start a business.  In 1998, we started cooperation with the company KaVo CZ and became their exclusive supplier of dental furniture.  Together we have equipped four faculty hospitals in the Czech Republic.  In the year 2011, we opened our representation in Slovakia, and in 2014, we did so in Hungary as well.